ZiMunda Issue 10


ZiMunda Issue 10

From the Editor

At long last, the first rains are here and not a day too soon for many farmers; both livestock and crop farmers who have been planning for the onset of the rainy season.

The blessing of the rains can unfortunately also come with some pertinent issues which farmers have to be on the lookout for. Edgar Watson Howe says quote: “Farmers only worry during the growing season, but townspeople worry all the time”, it is the time to get all of your risk awareness and preparedness hats on. As advised by a retired seasoned farmer, Stu Taylor, it is important for cattle farmers to dose their stock for roundworms and the calves for tapeworms. He goes on to note that if the stock was not dosed for flukes at the end of winter, one should, especially in the highveld areas surrounded by vleis. In cropping systems, farmers must be aware of their drainage system. They should map out where infield drainage trenches should go in case of excessive rains to avoid water logging.

The team at ZiMunda Farming wishes you all a good start to the growing season 2022/2023 and a bountiful harvest (in good time of course). Be sure to share your experiences with us.
Yours in farming


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