Manufacturing Sector Invests In Agricultural Revival

Article by: Julie Havercroft

With the resurgence of the commercial agricultural sector, an increasing number of local associated industries are reviving and pursuing business more vigorously, by making sure they are ready to meet local demand again.

Harare-based blade manufacturing company, Sawpower Blades, is one such business who recently took delivery of Zimbabwe‘s first Bystronic Fibre Laser cutting machine. They showcased their new equipment and its technology at the Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturing Association (ADMA) Agrishow this year.

 Many industry sectors within Zimbabwe had previously resorted to engaging in Laser cutting services from South Africa. Managing Director of Sawpower Blades, Ralph Stead, says that “With Bystronic’s advanced Fibre Laser Technology and Pre-Production Software, not only are we now able to be competitively involved in manufacturing, but we can offer

enormous benefits by greatly improving production times, component accuracy and repeatability resulting in improved operational efficiencies, quality and return on investment. Material wastage is also reduced substantially allowing for more efficient use of imported materials.” This brings enormous advancements to the Agricultural Sector. Sawpower are currently working with Bain Manufacturing on a variety of components for their agricultural implements, with the aim of

improving production times, ease of fabrication and part consistency.

ByAutonom 4020 mit ByTrans 4020 Extended

Further abroad in terms of agriculture, Bystronic Laser recently earned recognition as a Partner-level in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Programme in the USA. The Partner-level status is agricultural implement and machine manufacturer Deere & Company’s highest supplier rating. Suppliers which participate in the Achieving Excellence program are evaluated annually in several key performance categories, including quality, cost management, delivery and technical support.

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