Nuffield Zimbabwe Agricultural Scholars

The Nuffield Foundation was initiated by William Morris (later Lord Nuffield) in the United Kingdom during 1943. The establishment of the fund was initially for ‘the advancement of health and social well-being’ and in 1947 widened to include agricultural advancement. Soon after inception, various Commonwealth countries (including Zimbabwe) were invited to participate in awarding Nuffield

Scholarships. More recently other countries, including France, The Netherlands, Brazil and the United States have become members of Nuffield International.

The first Zimbabwean scholar was selected in 1948 and since then 57 scholars have represented the country through until 2002. A newly formed committee has undertaken to revive the Nuffield Agricultural Scholars Trust in Zimbabwe. The ADMA show provided the first opportunity for the committee to advertise the presence of Nuffield in the country and plans are fully on track to select a 2019 Zimbabwe Nuffield Scholar.

The Nuffield brand inspires people to make a difference in the world of agriculture and the organisation believes that agriculture is the foundation of a peaceful, stable and productive society. For Zimbabwe agriculture to be dynamic, remain competitive and to serve society, the country needs leadership and expertise. A Nuffield scholar is provided a unique opportunity to participate in an international capacity building programme. Sixteen weeks of travel over an 18-month period will provide participants a global view of agribusiness and the opportunity to research a topic of their choice. Scholars will be selected in the basis of their commitment and passion for agriculture and they should be at the leading edge of technology uptake.

The timeline for the 2019 Zimbabwe Nuffield Scholarship includes:

1. Application: Opens 15th August 2018 and closes 15th October2018.

2. Final Scholar Interviews and

Selection: 5th November 2018.

3. Contemporary Scholars Conference: In Iowa, United States 9-17th March 2019

4. Global Focus Programme: 6-7 weeks of travel with 6 options during March – July 2019.

5. Study Programme: 7-8 weeks of self-organised study during March 2019 – August 2020.

6. Study Report: Submission and presentation: September 2020.

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It goes without saying that significant funding will be required to place a Nuffield Scholar and we hope that sponsors will be forthcoming who are prepared to make an investment into the future of Zimbabwe agriculture.

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